Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let it Snow

Well, this Tuesday, my friend, Naomi Febrina asked me to accompany her to go to a thrift store around Medan, North Sumatra.
I know that store for more than one years, but i never go to there because it placed so far far away from my house, so when Naomi asking me to accompany her i felt like this is a big opportunity to go there,

the first time we arrived, i just felt like a little bit disappointed with the condition of this thrift store, but all on my mind said that " Please don't give up because of it's cover GAB!!" then i open my eyes and keep my spirit to come into the store. it was raining and i'm totally wet,

but when i went into the store, it was wowed me, you know why? because they have a really cool shirts and stuffs with really really low price,

sometimes, i'll be right back if Naomi asking me to accompany her, hahaha. or also i asking her to.

i love the patterns and the fabric, quite sweet on my body


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