Tuesday, November 6, 2012


haha. i know it's been 6 days after halloween, but i'm really sorry for posting too late because there's a business that i can't leave
As we know, Indonesia is a part of Asia that means lot of West cultures aren't exist, include Halloween!
Imagine it! your year without any Halloween party or candies from the neighbor, but because i really want to show the world my costume, i decided to join American Apparel's costume contest on spookbook.nu

But there's a problem, i don't know what to wear because there's a lot of cool characters.
so, i decided to wear slenderman's costume..

i opened my cupboard and looking up for a blazer and white shirt as slenderman wears

anyway, did you know about slenderman?
okay, maybe some of you don't know anything about slenderman, or maybe you haven't heard it before,

i'll explain it a lil bit,
slenderman is an urban legend in USA, slenderman is a tall man in black and white suit,
but the most creepy in his body is his head, he has no face! yes! HE HAS NO FACE!
he likes to kill children while they playing on the garden, he likes to hide behind the trees and be waiting for a good time to mutilating the children that he has stalked before, and he often cut them and hide their body into a dark trees..

If you want to know more about slenderman, click here. it will elaborate you more

this is some of slenderman's illustration

then this is my outfit with really bad edited on photoshop around my face -_-


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