Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back to Nature

Well, My family got a land at Lau Kawar, North Sumatra, so we built a vacation house there..
You should go there! Lau Kawar has a best view ever! the condition Lau Kawar is a mountain in the middle of Sinabung Mountain..

So, for this change we take 2 days trip to go to there than i took some pictures that i didn't post it to lookbook because of some reasons

To go to there, we have to take almost 4 hours from the Medan City.. really tired! but you can enjoy creepy woods in the night and lot of another views that you can find in the morning..

So, what are you waiting for? JUST PACK YOUR RUCKSACK AND TAKE A TRIP :D

Polo Shoes, Levis for Jeans and Beams for Sweater,
I took the picture in the early morning and it was really cold!!

Well, there's a little lake and we got our family boat, so we can boating around the lake!
Say Cheese!

took a picture with my sister and my dad was candid :D

Down here, what can we see from the middle of the lake!

That's our house..
and we built a guess house too, you can see 2 houses down here

I felt like a cameraman for National Geograph and Fishing Mania :p


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